A native Austinite, Shea has watched the city grow and change over 30 years.  As the years have passed, rental prices have risen to record levels. At age 23 Shea decided that investing in Austin’s real restate was a far better option than renting.  Buying her own home was the right decision and one she has never regretted. She is now passionate about helping others realize their own unique real estate vision – whether that means buying a dream home, investment property, or retirement nest.  After graduating from The University of Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Communications, Shea worked as coordinator for a Productivity and Time Management Company in Austin.  Over time she was increasingly drawn to production and design projects beyond the office.  Most especially, Shea found great joy in working with individuals to improve, beautify, and bring order to their home environments. Eventually she created her own staging and organizing company —Tou-Shea — where a life-long interest in helping others grew exponentially. This process naturally evolved into helping individuals and families with one of life’s most important decisions: buying and selling their homes! Shea’s enthusiasm, keen problem-solving ability, and remarkable interpersonal skills result in many of her clients becoming “forever-clients” and friends.  If you are looking for someone to guide you through the entire search and purchase/selling process, look no further. Shea’s team can ease all your prepping, staging and moving needs.  Because of her uniquely strong organizational skills, Shea is perfectly suited to manage all the varied and complex pieces involved in moving.  Whether you are searching for your very first home or for your 10th, Shea can provide the strong support you deserve and, as your very own “Residential Moving Specialist”, will bring loads of energy and joy to the moving process!