Ah the end of the year…the time we reflect on our accomplishments and our challenges for the old year and start dreaming of fresh possibilities for the new year. Definitively one of my favorite times of the whole year. There is something so motivating to me to start fresh or start again! Goal setting is a big part of my life this time of year. I do it for my business and we also do it as a family. We talked about what we want more of and less of for the new year. And then to expand on that vision we put it all together with fun visuals in a vision board. 

A vision board helps us define the goals and then align them with inspirational images that will excite and motivate us along the journey to achieving them. There are NO rules in creating vision boards, except for one: focus on your feelingsFocus on what images make them feel, not what an image actually is. These images or words have to truly inspire something in you or else they wont work.  

Another key is to keep it somewhere you can see it daily to help motivate you and guide you through the year. KEEP YOUR VISION BOARD AT THE FOREFRONT OF YOUR MIND!

How to do a vision board? Well the process is completely unique for every person but for us it usually starts with words that represent what we want more of for the new year. We also try to add a few bucket list items like new experiences or new food we want to try; it helps to add some spice and excitement to the new year. From there we translate those into activities, images, words and inspirational quotes. We love a physical board so that means cutting and gluing pictures into a board but a lot of people prefer it in their phones or computers. There are a ton of app that can help you bring images from anywhere in the internet and put it all together into one image. Whichever way you do it, my wish for you for 2019 is that you can visualize your dreams and see them become realities!

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